Studio Ferrajoli pays extreme attention to the selection of collaborators and the growth of internal resources, providing for the relative rules in a specific procedure of the Quality System.

For the selection of people interested in working with us we are looking for preparation, commitment, flexibility, will and ability to relate.

Preferential qualifications on which we choose junior candidates are:

  • have completed a thesis in tax or commercial law;
  • have obtained a degree mark higher than 100;
  • have an excellent knowledge of the English language;
  • attendance of Masters or post-university specialization courses;
  • the achievement of the qualification to practice the legal profession.

The preferred skills for aspiring senior collaborators are:

  • have gained a period of at least five years of experience in other professional firms after obtaining the qualification;
  • have collaborated with legal journals or university institutes;
  • also possess the requisites indicated for junior candidates.

For the secretarial staff we consider preferential titles:

  • for open-ended contracts: having gained a period of experience in law firms equipped with an IT management system for at least three uninterrupted years;
  • for apprenticeship relationships: not having completed the 22nd year of age, having attended ad hoc training schools, having carried out periods of work / internship in professional studios.

If you wish to become part of the staff of Studio Ferrajoli, please send your CV as an attachment, using the link below. We will contact you as soon as possible.


For the Bergamo office we are available for the recruitment of:

Experienced professional in both the tax-procedural and administrative and criminal sectors with at least 5 years of experience in the field and already expert in the preparation of the appeal to the Supreme Court.