Files are managed according to written rules and standard procedures, which stipulate that the owner assigns a file to a specific professional who is supported by a trainee. The result of this model is that files are analysed by different professionals, operating as a vertical team composed of at least three people, in order to grant a shared examination and development of the case.


The client’s satisfaction is one of the main priorities of the firm. As established by the quality system, the firm has introduced and operates a procedure to assess the customer satisfaction; these checks are periodic, written and based on clients’ answers to pre-defined questions, in order to align the service to the clients' requests and needs.


In the event of a client lodging a written or oral claim, this is analysed in order to verify whether it is well-founded. If so, the firm will not only provide an appropriate solution but will also focus on the causes in order to identify gaps in the control system, if any.


This approach offers clients a clear and rapid communication on the status of files and an invoicing management fully in line with the clients’ needs. All information is given to clients with all possible means: mail, fax, e-mail, digital-sender, phone, according to the client's choice. The firm sends a periodic informative newsletter to all the clients who have signed a continuous advice agreement. The firm also offers an on-line service, called Weblex, which enables clients to have access to the documents related to their case, download copies of documents and verify the dates of the hearings through the website


These lawyers, based all over Italy and playing a pivotal role for the firm’s image, are chosen on the base of specific criteria relating to efficiency, punctuality and proactivity


All documents, in particular those provided by the client or by the Court, undergo specific administration and filing rules which imply that a paper and an electronic copy be saved in order to reduce to a minimum the risk of loss and degradation.