Advice is provided on internal and international taxation, also with specific regard to issues such as the “generational transition” in the company. A dedicated vocation has been developed in the matter of customs and excise duties.
With reference to the above-mentioned sectors, the Firm provides qualified out-of-court assistance in the formulation of specific opinions and through preliminary consultation with the competent Financial Administration Offices. Finally, a particular commitment is placed in the defense of the taxpayer in administrative and criminal-tax litigation and in all the stages resulting from the assessment of higher taxes and their collection.

Specific area of competence relates to currency matters, meaning for this the assessment of anti-money laundering legislation and cross-border capital transfers and assistance in any litigation procedures before the Supervisory Authorities (Banca d’Italia, Consob, Ministero dell’economia e delle finanze, Ragionerie dello Stato). The more general banking and financial intermediaries legislation is also a further area of work for the structure, as well as a possible complement to tax matters.

The Firm looks to all the needs of the companies both in terms of preventive counselling related to the ordinary functioning and with regard to the education of cases concerning liability, to challenges to deliberations and to all forms of judicial and arbitral protection. Priority commitment to ordinary business assistance concerns the drafting and revision of national and international contracts. The Firm has a team of professionals experts in the preparation and review of Risk Management Systems with the drafting of appropriate Organizational Models, Management and Control pursuant to the Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, in full adherence to the core business and organizational structure of the
customer structure.

The range of expertise offered to companies is also geared to providing environmental law solutions, including the management of waste-related dynamics, emissions and anything else it achieves to the exercise of industrial activity as with regard to the more general building and urban. Also in these sectors the interests of both private customers and public bodies are taken care of, with a view to intercepting, also by talking with public and private research organizations, benefits and legal facilities to green business and circular economy.

The Firm’s specific area of competence concerns the use of instruments for the protection of assets, such as the fund of assets, the trust, the acts of destination referred to in art. 2645-ter of the Italian Civil Code and the corporate assets intended for a specific business, with reference to which advice is provided both at the establishment stage, with attention also to the related tax implications, and in relation to the occurrence of any disputes.

The Firm provides companies with a legal consultancy service aimed at the design and implementation of dedicated business plans including debt restructuring measures and dedicated business recovery strategies, within the framework of the new institutions provided for in the Corporate Crisis and Insolvency Code. In other respects, the Firm provides assistance in the field of Community programmes relating to the so-called direct management funds and has the competence to assist entities, companies and associations in call for tenders and call for proposals, launched by the EU Institutions.

In terms of brand protection, the Firm assists high-end brands, but also Small-Medium Enterprises sensitive to the issue of intellectual property, in the procedures and preventive protection actions, ensuring the necessary assistance also in the subsequent administrative procedures, arbitration or patent protection cases in court.
The service is offered according to the needs of the customer and finds its focus in consulting and cross-cutting preventive assistance in the contiguous areas of commercial and tax law, aimed at preparing the contract functional to the activity of the brand. In the agri-food sector, the Firm is committed in the protection of geographical designations of origin (PDO and PGI) of wine and dairy products as well as in the strategic consultancy to companies for the development of e-commerce sales channels.

The Firm, thanks to international partnerships, provides assistance to companies that decide, in the context of dedicated internationalization processes, to extend its operations to the markets of the UK, India, the Arab Emirates and the US. The Firm has a number of international assistance on behalf of companies based in the territories of the European Union, also representing international investors and family offices, gaining qualified experience in Temporary Export Management.

Online Consulting

The Firm, thanks to the experience gained over the years with the collaboration with the main publications specialized in the legal-tax sector, now also provides directly to its customers an on-line consultancy service, which is expressed in the elaboration of OPINIONS and in the response to specific QUESTIONS. To use the service, you will find the general conditions specified below, which also contain instructions for use.