Tax Law

The firm provides companies with advice on national and international tax regulations, concentrating also on specific problems such as generational transitions within companies. A special attention is devoted to defending taxpayers in administrative, criminal and fiscal disputes, as well as throughout all the stages following the assessment and collection of higher taxes.

Company Law and Contracts

The firm offers both preventive consulting on companies’ ordinary activities and support for preparatory inquiries concerning liability issues, appeals of decisions and any form of legal assistance before all courts and arbitration bodies. The firm primarily offers its assistance in matters of company’s ordinary activities, such as the drafting of national and international contracts.

Company Resctructuring Plans

The firm offers companies legal advice services concerning the drafting and implementing of restructuring plans, which might involve the leasing or transferring of branches and companies within the framework of arrangements with creditors. Furthermore, the firm offers assistance throughout all the stages of the agreement procedure, from drafting the proposal and the agreement itself and managing the exchanges with the institutions involved to the enforcement phase.

Currency Law and Anti-money Laundering Legislation

The firm also specializes in currency regulations, that is consulting on anti-money laundering legislation and cross border capital transfers, as well as providing assistance in case of litigations before supervising authorities (the Bank of Italy, CONSOB - the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange - the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the State accounting offices).

Sale of Companies

The Firm is dedicated with particular vocation to training activities in the areas of consolidated commitment, carried out both with the participation of its own professionals such as speakers at seminars and conferences - organized both directly and by specialized companies, professional associations, associations and organizations - as well as proposing products of e-learning that can be purchased by users directly from this site.

Environmental Law

The firm also assists clients in environmental law matters, dealing both with waste-related issues, polluting emissions and anything related to industrial activities in general as well as building and urban planning legislation.

Property Protection Instruments

The firm specializes in the use of property protection instruments, such as capital funds, trusts, deeds of destination ex art. 2645-ter of the Italian civil code and company assets allocated for a specific activity, for which advice is given both in the initial constitution phase – also with reference to fiscal matters – and in case of disputes, if any.

EU Funding

The firm also provides assistance in the field of community programmes related to the so-called directly-managed funding. The firm is qualified to assist organizations, companies and consortia in the process of responding to a call for tenders and drafting projects for obtaining grants (call for proposals) launched by the EU institutions.

Luxury and
Brand Protection

The Firm has been assisting companies representing the most important Brands in national and international protection of IP rights.

Criminal law and Organizational Modeling Models 231

The Firm provides assistance to companies and entities with a team of professionals who are expert in the preparation and revision of the Company Risk Management Systems with the drafting of adequate Organization, Management and Control Models pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 corresponding to the core business and the organizational structure already present in the customer's Organization.

Customs Law and
Excise Duties

The firm has developed a strong expertise in customs law and excise duties, the latter being particularly important because of the high added value of goods subject to consumption taxes, which are harmonized at EU level. As for customs law, the firm offers consulting on the institutions and operations pertaining to international trade, providing legal assistance in case of litigations.

Agricultural law, agri-food and equestrian sectors

The Firm assists companies operating in the equestrian sector by offering a specific service line to those who are dedicated to horse breeding, riding schools and farmhouses, as well as horse racing. A specialized Team of lawyers with high proficiency in the agri-food sector helps Companies to develop their business respecting the European rules about labelling and tax planning.