The firm provides companies with advice on national and international tax regulations, concentrating also on specific problems such as generational transitions within companies. A special attention is devoted to defending taxpayers in administrative, criminal and fiscal disputes, as well as throughout all the stages following the assessment and collection of higher taxes.

Preventive consulting and advisory services

The firm offers to its clients advisory services on all the aspects related to direct and indirect taxation. Special attention is devoted to tax arrangements for companies’ extraordinary administrationprocedures(divisions, transfer of a company branch, licenses, separation of equity, etc.), assessing how to deal with potential anti-avoidance provisions.

Pre-litigation stage before competent authorities

The firm offers advisory services aimed at solving problems which might arise during tax inspections, together with the professional in charge of daily control activities. It expresses comments to be included in the inspection records and assists taxpayers in reaching the best possible solution, should a tax settlement proposal be necessary.

Assistance in case of the adoption of precautionary measures as laid down in art. 22 Legislative Decree 472/1997

The firm takes on the defence in the proceedings related to precautionary demands issued by the competent authorities to the Presidents of the Provincial Tax Courts as laid down in article 22 of the Legislative Decree 472/1997, for mortgage registration and the adoption of precautionary measures aimed at attaching the assets of taxpayers who have received a formal dispute notification, an order for sanctions imposition or a report on findings.

Assistance in case of litigations

The firm takes on the defence in case of litigations before the Regional and Provincial Tax Courts throughout the different stages: from the first judicial acts to the assistance during oral proceedings and the request for the suspension of the challenged administrative acts.

Assistance in case of suspension requests for decisions of the Court on the substance of the case

The firm assists clients in case of suspension requests of the enforceable judgments pertaining to the substance of the case.

Assistance before the Italian Court of Cassation

Lawyer Ferrajoli, barrister appearing in the Court of Cassation, provides his clients with legal assistance before the Supreme Court.

Assistance during the collection procedure

In addition to assisting clients during tax disputes, the firm handles any problems related to collection procedures, assessing the legitimacy of collection acts and potential grounds for challenging executive orders.