The  firm also specializes in currency  regulations, that is consulting on anti-money laundering legislation and cross border capital transfers, as well as providing assistance in case of litigations before supervising authorities (the Bank of Italy, CONSOB – the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange  – the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and the State accounting offices).

The firm is also active in the field of bank and financial brokerage legislation, which is a natural complement to the activities related to tax law.

The firm offers clients the following services:

  • drafting of pleadings for breaches of law 231/2001 and management of administrative procedures before the competent State accounting offices;
  • consulting services to professionals and other individuals called upon to perform the so-called “active cooperation” for the binding commitments laid down in law 231/2001 (proper audit – communication – suspicious transaction report);
  • creation of suitable management models aimed at exempting company from “para-criminal liability” ex law 231/01;
  • assistance on criminal matters both to individuals and administrative bodies for proceedings deriving from challenging the so-called “obstacle offences” provided for by anti-money laundering legislation;
  • assistance and advice on capital transfers, compilation of the RW section of the tax return form and tax amnesties;
  • preventive consulting on the legal transfer of capitals, movable and immovable assets and companies abroad.