The firm also assists clients in environmental law matters, dealing both with waste-related issues, polluting emissions and anything related to industrial activities in general as well as building and urban planning legislation.

More specifically, in the field of environmental law, the firm assists both private clients and public bodies offering the following services:

  • advice on the environmental legislation with specific reference to legislative decree n. 152/2006;
  • assistance and legal defence in administrative disputes before the TAR (regional administrative court) and the Council of State for matters related to the distinction between waste and secondary raw material, as well as problems linked to the granting of licenses for carrying out waste-related activities, that is in case of orders to abstain and refusal or withdrawal of the license;
  • assistance in case of controversies with the provincial police and ARPA (regional environmental agency) with specific reference to the exceeding of thresholds set to identify contamination levels – CSC and CSR; 
  • assistance in criminal proceedings related to environmental crimes;
  • assistance in case of precautionary proceedings with regard to effective measures requested by the Public Prosecutor, if any (appeal against orders to freeze evidence or attachment orders);
  • assistance and legal defence in case of administrative disputes – at every stage of the proceeding – for matters related to building and urban planning, supporting formerly municipally-owned companies and mixed capital companies. In this field, strong experience has been gained as regards the so-called “green public procurements” made by Public Administrations and aimed at promoting and developing an environmentally-friendly market for goods and services.