The firm offers both preventive consulting on companies’ ordinary activities and support for preparatory inquiries concerning liability issues, appeals of decisions and any form of legal assistance before all courts and arbitration bodies. The firm primarily offers its assistance in matters of company’s ordinary activities, such as the drafting of national and international contracts.

Preventive consulting and advisory services

The firm offers to its clients advisory services on all the aspects related to the founding and the development of corporations and partnerships, non-profit institutions (foundations and/or associations), with a focus on an ad hoc drafting of bye-laws (memorandums of association, statutes, shareholders’ agreements) which are tailored to the clients’ specific needs.

The firm also provides strategic assistance in the different steps concerning the company’s ordinary activities, such as conflicts arising between partners, controlling and/or controlled companies and groups.

Litigation before competent authorities

The firm offers legal assistance before all courts and arbitration bodies (voluntary and/or binding arbitration) in company law matters in general and, by way of examples, for the preparatory inquiries concerning the liability of administration and control bodies, conflicts of interest, appeals against a shareholders’ and/or board resolution, complaints ex art. 2409 of the Italian civil code, dissolution and breach cases, protection of the partners, etc.

Assistance for company contracts

The firm assists companies in drafting ad hoc contracts such as: tender contracts, agency contracts, service contracts, contracts for the transfer of claims, contracts of sale, composite contracts, non disclosure agreements, investment contracts, letters of intent, etc.

Special attention is devoted to the setting up of company’s extraordinary activities, such as company lease or transfer, the takeover or transfer of controlling blocks, transformations (mergers and divisions).