The Firm has been assisting companies representing high-end brands for years with satisfaction in the national and international protection of their intellectual property rights.

This is expressed both in undertaking the procedures and preventive actions of protection, even with interventions at customs aimed at the national or community suspension of the activity of third parties who carry out harmful activities, as well as in the subsequent assistance in administrative proceedings, arbitration or causes for the legal protection.

The service is customized according to the customer’s needs, and finds its focus in cross-cutting consultancy and preventive assistance in the contiguous sectors of commercial and tax law, aimed at the preparation of contracts functional to the activity of the brand, to defend companies from acts of unfair competition or cancellation of specialized personnel, to enhance their intangible assets, to build tax planning or asset protection operations functional to business development.

The Firm has gained experience in protecting brands active in the fashion, luxury, entertainment, food, furniture and cosmetics markets.

In particular, in the agri-food sector, the Firm is active in protecting the geographical and origin denominations (PDO and PGI) of wine and dairy products as well as in strategic consultancy to companies for the development of e-commerce sales channels.

The testimony of the commitment is represented by essays and conferences.