The Ferrajoli Law Firm, in the light of the experience gained over the years with the collaboration with the main publications specialized in the legal-tax sector, today also provides directly to its customers an on-line consultancy service, which is expressed in the elaboration of OPINIONS and in response to specific QUESTIONS. To use the service, you will find the general conditions specified below, which also contain instructions for use.


1. The on-line consultancy meets the criteria of maximum professionalism and timeliness, and is provided in compliance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Forensic Code of Ethics as well as in the commitment to full compliance with it, the full text of which is reported in the section of the website Responsible for the activity is the owner, lawyer Luigi Ferrajoli, registered with the Bergamo Bar Association under no. 609, civil liability policy professional Assitalia n. 276-00152188 with coverage also referring to on-line services, maximum Euro 1,032,913.00.
2. Online services are provided upon payment of a fee. The determination of the compensation due in the field of out-of-court activity is subject to discretionary assessment based on the value of the dispute, the complexity of the issues to be addressed and the urgency.
3. The Firm reserves the right to accept requests for consultancy received, after verifying their seriousness and validity, reserving the right to contact the client for any clarifications and in any case to have in advance the necessary documents related to the solution of the problem. of exam. Within three working days of receipt of the documents related to the request for opinion that the customer will send by filling out the appropriate request form available on the website (request form) or the analogous digital form present in the section of the Studio Ferrajoli tablet APP available on the App Store and Play Store. Upon receipt, a confirmation email will be sent by the professional containing the cost ESTIMATE.
4. The client undertakes to transmit to Studio Ferrajoli the documents and information required for the examination of the case aimed at drafting the requested opinion within the day of sending the request for advice, by filling in the request form and subsequent acceptance in each their part.
5. The customer, having read the cost estimate, in case he intends to expressly accept it, also undertakes to send confirmation with an attached copy of the advance payment by bank transfer to the account that will be indicated by the secretariat of Studio Ferrajoli after telephone contact or via email by the customer.
6. In the event that the client does not receive acceptance in the aforementioned forms, Studio Ferrajoli is free to destroy the documents sent together with the request for advice, not intending to complete the relative agreement.
7. The Ferrajoli Law Firm undertakes to send the opinion to the user within the non-peremptory term of 7 working days from the date of advance payment of the requested consultancy (with the exception of the hypothesis in which it is necessary to meet with the client or the acquisition of further documentation) or in the shorter term of 3 days for urgent requests made by the customer. In any case, nothing will be due to the customer for any delay not exceeding 7 working days from the aforementioned deadline. After this last term, the customer is due, by way of all-inclusive compensation and with the waiver of any further claim by the same, the mere refund of the amount paid in advance.
8. Requests for legal advice and responses are protected by professional secrecy. Furthermore, in the execution of the obligations assumed with this on-line service, Studio Ferrajoli, in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 675/1996 and subsequent amendments and / or additions (legislative decree no. 467/2001) on the protection of personal data and the d.P.R. n. 318/1999 on minimum security measures, undertakes to keep the acquired information confidential (personal data, customer activities). Studio Ferrajoli also undertakes to commit its collaborators to keep such information confidential, in particular those containing personal data subject to protection.
9. For all disputes that may arise on the interpretation, execution and validity of this contract, the Court of Bergamo is exclusively competent.